#ForeverChuck: Chucks in Hip Hop

February 22, 2017

Latest installment in celebration of the Forever Chuck Scenes showcases Chuck Taylor’s influence on LA Culture with Long Beach, CA recording artist and style icon

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (February 20, 2017) – Capturing the daring spirit of youth Converse continues the celebration of the Forever Chuck Scenes videos, with the latest release of Chucks and LA Culture. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Karim Huu Do, the video is hosted by Long Beach, CA recording artist and style icon Vince Staples, who takes viewers on a powerful journey through the urban culture of Los Angeles and Chuck Taylor’s influence on street style and hip hop music.

The video taps into the youth culture in Los Angeles and brings to life how music and fashion played such important roles. Along the journey, Los Angeles Lakers player Jordan Clarkson and Spanto, founder of Born x Raised also provide colorful commentary and insights.

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“Los Angeles has played an important role in revolutionizing youth culture far beyond the west coast — from the style to the music scenes” said Julien Cahn, Chief Marketing Officer at Converse. “And Chuck Taylor was a part of that cultural movement, as a symbol for underdogs, rebels and individualists in Los Angeles and all around the world.”

The Forever Chuck Scenes videos explore the diverse cultural settings that have been influenced by the iconic Chuck Taylor. The newly-launched series focuses in on the confident and daring spirit of youth, which has embodied the soul of Converse evangelists in the past, present and future.

Converse’s Forever Chuck Scenes is formatted for digital consumption through platforms such as Instagram Stories, Snapchat and as online video content with the Chucks and LA Culture scene launching on February 17.


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